Ozawa's Sake Portfolio Event

Ozawa’s Saké Portfolio Event — Sept. 24, 2019

Toronto’s Premier
“Trade Only” Saké Event

Over 75 premium Japanese sakés!

Date & Time

Tues. Sept. 24, 2019

1 pm–5 pm


Ozawa Canada Inc.

100 East Beaver
Creek Rd, Unit 2 Richmond Hill,
Ontario L4B 1J6

Unit 2 entrance located on North side of building.

Audience enjoying sake.

Discover, Experience and Taste Saké!

  • For restaurant / bar owners, beverage managers, wine or saké sommeliers, professionals in the hospitality industry.
  • Over 75 premium Japanese sakés for you to try!
  • Meet and learn from local industry experts and attend Sake
    Seminars led by saké experts designated “Saké Samurai”.
  • Network with the finest sake breweries from Japan.
  • Expand your drink menu
  • Find out more about the diversity of saké and its pairing possibilities.
  • Learn about the latest sake trends — Premium Saké, Aged Saké, Fruit infused Saké; Kimoto Sake, Nigori Sake and more!

Japan’s Top Sake Breweries and Brands

Meet with the Brewmaster or Toji and Sake Experts

  1. Asahi Shuzo – Kubota Sake 久保田 (Niigata, Japan)
  2. Hakkaisan Brewery 八海山 (Niigata, Japan)
  3. Harushika Brewery 春鹿 (Nara, Japan)
  4. Nanbu Bijin Brewery 南部美人 (Iwate, Japan)
  5. Oomuraya Brewery – Wakatake Demon Slayer 若竹鬼ころし (Shizuoka, Japan)
  6. Otokoyama Brewery 男山 (Hokkaido, Japan)
  7. Takara Brewery – Sho Chiku Bai 松竹梅 (Kyoto, Japan and Berkeley, California)
  8. Tamanohikari Sake Brewery 玉乃光 (Kyoto, Japan)
  9. Tatenokawa Brewery 楯野川 (Yamagata, Japan)
  10. Tsukasabotan – Yamayuzu Shibori Sake 司牡丹 (Kochi, Japan)

...plus many more!

Event Schedule

1:00 pmDoors open; Walk around tasting until 5pm

2:00 pmSake Seminar by Timothy Sullivan, Sake Expert and Sake Samurai, Founder of Urban Sake. Seminar is sold out.

3:30 pmSake Seminar by Chizuko Niikawa-Helton, Sake Expert and Sake Samurai, Founder of Sake Discoveries LLC. Seminar is sold out.

5:00 pmDoors close

RSVP — Now Closed

Only pre-registered guests will be admitted. Send inquiries to sake@ozawa.ca or contact your sales rep at 905-731-5088. This event is for business & industry only. Not open to the public. Must be 19 years of age or older to attend. Limited space available.

If you are attending this event, please consume responsibly and do not drink and drive. We suggest taking a taxi, uber or having a designated driver.

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