Mio Sparkiling Sake and Premium Ginjo Sake

LCBO New Arrivals

Ozawa and LCBO are proud to announce two new additions to their shelves.


Mio Sparkling Sake from Shirakabegura Takara Sake, Kyoto, Japan $12.95. 
Leading the charge this month from Shirakabegura Takara Sake is Mio Sparkling Sake. This is a fantastic introduction to Sake for first timers with a alcohol percentage as low as 5% displaying a refreshing, fruity and uniquely sweet aroma. Featured in ’10 Best Sparkling Sake You Can’t Miss’ from sake-talk.com this sake is winning tastebuds over left, right and center.


Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo, Takara Sake USA, Berkeley, CA $12.95
Brewed by award winning Takara Sake USA, Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo is a special reserve connoisseur class of sake. It's full body, silky-smooth rich texture and wealth of flavour are only a few reasons it's turning heads. Hailing from a brand known for it’s high quality and superior taste is cementing Takara Sake USA's title as one of America’s favourites.

Both sakes were recently featured in LCBO's Vintages Magazine

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